Ejsing Prærievognsferie - Udlejning af hestevogne

By tested trails in a prairie wagon

One week in a prairie wagon drawn by a strong Jutland-horse. A new way of spending your holiday in the neighbourhood of Ejsing. prairie wagon drawn by a strong Jutland-horse
By the help of a professional craftsman I have built 4 prairie wagons for hiring out to tourists, beginning early summer 1999.

Each wagon has 5 beds which can be transformed into a table and a sofa. In the front there is a kitchen and in the rear end a chemical toilet. Further, there is adequate space for the horse fodder.

Normal departure of the wagon is Sunday afternoon from my address, Råstvej 3. The rest of the day and all Monday we make a trip in surroundings to get acquainted with the horse and the wagon. Tuesday you start the planned itinerary with a visit to Hjerl Hede , where you camp for the night on a field reserved for the purpose

Wednesday you reach a beautiful spot called Snævringen at Flynder Lake. From there you proceed by the sandy roads of the moor to Old Rønbjerg where you spend the night at a campsite.

Thursday the destination is Ålbæk in Spøttrup parish overlooking the Limfjord. The night is spend near the local campsite. The various facilities of this site, such as a swimming bath is available at a price of 28 Dkr. per person, but you actually live outside the campsite itself.

Friday is reserved for a trip via Spøttrup Borg back to Ålbæk for a further night.

Saturday you return to Ejsingholm where you can stay in the wagon until next day. Further you may enjoy surfing at the nearby beach.

Apart from the 4 prairie wagons I have built an open horse drawn wagon, which is likewise for hire. I can also offer a tour amongst the heather around Eggesø - a pleasant experience of 3 - 4 hours duration.

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