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Skive Badeland
The most attractive water park in Denmark with more than 2.000.000 litres of water...

In Skive Water Park we have good weather all the year.

You can have fun and use a lot of energy in the big pool, take the slide into the waves or just enjoy the spa.

Ejsing Camping Og Surfcenter
A camping site beautifully situated by the fjord and with a child-friendly sandy beach.
There are 3 older cabins, 2 rental Mobil homes shop and café and 2 service buildings. Playing facilities with jumping pillow. A 15 minutes drive brings you to thetown of Vinderup and Hjerl Hede (Historic Museum)
At  the same time this homely family camping site is placed near preserved areas of fields with old wind mills and grassing cows, which contributes to the minimizing of stress and bringing down the pace of life.


Sevel Kro
In the nice village Sevel the old inn is centrally placed between the church and the grocery store.
A nice little village inn with old and proud traditions.

Hagebro Kro
Hagebro Inn issituated at main road A 16 between Viborg and Holstebro.
The inn offers good food and a relaxing atmosphere in lovely surroundings with the small creek, Karup Å in the back garden.
We look forward to welcoming you as guest in Hagebro Kro.

Borbjerg Mølle Kro
Borbjerg Mølle Inn has a lot to offer. A nice relaxing atmosphere and an asylum for those, who want something special or just want peace and relaxation.

The old water mill is still up and running and directs the water from the lake through a stream and into the fjord.
Everywhere in the inn antiques are combined with modern designs in a tasteful interior.

Kongenshus Hotel
We are now on the heath, where the sky is high and the closest neighbour is far away.  In the middle of rural idyll and heather covered fields as far as the eye can see. You are now at Kongenshus Inn & Hotel

Attractions/ Museums

Mønsted Kalkgruber
Welcome to the largest limestone quarry. You will need at least 2 hours for this visit. In the quarry the temperature is 8° C all year round – so remember warm clothing. The quarry is the perfect place to visit on a rainy day or during a heat wave. In half the mine pits it is possible to use wheel chair and in Café Grotten (The Cave) there are toilet facilities for handicapped.
Mining in this quarry is performed by Mønsted Kalkgruber, which contains both representatives from local authorities and from the private business world.
Exhibitions of bats, geology, and the history of  limestone opened 1st of July 2006 in the limestone quarry.

Daugbjerg Kalkgruber

Staarup Hovedgaard
Staarup Hovedgaard is Skive’s oldest and only private owned manor open for the public. The halls and living rooms of the main building contain a distinguished collection of furniture, paintings and pieces of arts from the 17th – 19th century.
Furthermore, a series of concerts and special events are held in these surroundings, as you can also have your next corporate event in the manor – maybe ending with a festive gala dinner in the beautiful knight’s hall.

Jenle is the ’hot spot’ on the green peninsula of Salling beuatifully situated by the blue ’Limfjord’. -
You will not meet Nanna and Jeppe Aakjær (famous Danish author and poet)- but almost.
Jenle – is also the place, where the famous ”Jenle party” is held since 1910. The party is always held on the first Sunday in August and is visited by several hundreds guests from all over the country.
Jenle is one of the most preserved artist’s homes of the Nordic countries. By originality Jenke is equal to Carl Larson’s farm in Sundborn in Sweden and Bjørnstjerne Bjørnsons farm Aulestad in Norway.

Spøttrup Borg
Spøttrup Castle in Salling is Danmark’s best preserved medieval castle. No other place in Denmark oozes of middle ages like here. The museum has a number of activities, such as living events, exhibitions, and markets. The many activities contributes to  making Spøttrup Borg a facinating place to visit.
Welcome to the middle ages!!

Øen Fur

Hjerl Hede
Hjerl Hede is one of the most beautiful natural areas in Denmark,where vast heather and almost rugged oak scrub surrounds the largest heather lake  in Denmark – Flyndersø. In the middle of this unique heather landscape in western Jutland Hjerl Hede outdoors museum is situated..

Hjerl Hede outdoors museum is an independant culture-historical special museum.

The museum consists of Den Gamle Landsby (The Old Village), Jysk Skovmuseum (Forrest Museum of Jutland) and Moor Museum. The collection of old buildings at Hjerl Hede Outdoors museum contains more than 50 different buildings, that both shows building techniques and interior decorating in the country, and a series of elements characteristic to the older Danish village milieu and hand craft.

Miscellaneous / Information

Vinderup Turist Info

Skive Egnen
Skive vicinity is by the Limfjord with 190 km of coast line. Here are beaches, fjord, heather and forrests. Experience the slopes at Fur, the many manors, Spøttrup Castle, thel imestone quarries, and enjoy the many works of arts outdoors.

Roslev Vandrerhjem
Danhostel Roslev opened in 1975 with 10 rooms and 36 beds. In the summer of 1997 we expanded to 102 beds. 14 of the rooms are equipped with their own bath and toilet.
This is a danhostel of high quality and with contemporary facilities.

Snapseruten (The Schnapps route) winds through varying landscapes with aromatic herbs and berries to flavour the schnapps, through old market towns with proud schnapps traditions, passed castles, manors, inns and convent ruins, where recipes have been inherited through generations.

Flyndersø Camping

Sevel Camping
A cosy family camping site close to Hjerl Hede.

Trandum Camping

Visit Jutland
Bring the family to western Jutland and create your own memories. Here awaits a lot of fun activities and experiences for everybody – for adults as well as for kids. Western Jutland has some of the best beaches in Denmark, as well as natural areas and good accommodations.
You can take a nice run in the beautiful surroundings – or maybe a triathlon is your thing?

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